BTS does it again, “smooth like butter” !

24 hours in and we’ve officially, legitimately outdone ourselves ! Yes, ARMY I’m talking about us and those 112.8 million views in 24hours, breaking Dynamite’s records for most single day views in YouTube history and has officially racked up the most opening day streams in Spotify history with 20.9 million unfiltered and 11.042 million filtered global streams. (the way my ARMY ego peaked as I wrote that sentence , ugh yes !)

Has something made you feel so good that you wanted to cry? No? Go watch the Butter music video .

The song opens with a very catchy sampling of Queen’s massive hit “Another One Bites the Dust” with Jungkook’s “criminal” vocals “breaking into your heart like that” followed by V’s verse which has got all of our heartbeats thumping and insides tingling, where he credits his mother for his Adonis-like visuals, (thank you Mama Kim) ever since we first heard the song and I’ve heard it probably 25,000 times and still can’t get enough!

By the pre-chorus it’s a full-blown pop masterpiece as we see the septet, posing for a group mugshot (?) with the numbers representing the day Jungkook came to Seoul or BTS’s first concert with their fans (Jimin). And yes JIN, you definitely got that “superstar glow”, cause damn, look at you! World Wide Handsome, indeed! What can I say about our literal Prince Charming? I have no words for Jimin, I’m sorry.

As soon as the chorus rolls out, I can vouch for every pop-music enthusiast that ya’ll be ready to hit the dance floor with this. I personally have never bopped this hard to any other song (well except Dynamite maybe). Jungkook sings his heart out to a perfectly synchronized choreography, amidst a colorful backdrop — “Side step right left to my beat/ High like the moon, rock with me baby!”

And, God can I go off and say that has to be the catchiest chorus I’ve heard in a while. Also, long/purple-haired Jeon Jungkook, with his eyebrow piercing (that has now been confirmed to be mere stickers, by the man himself), kissing his ARMY tattoo… EXCUSE ME, SIR?

The second verse finds V openly and casually flirting with his listeners and viewers as claims to want to “pull you in like no other”, and boy does he do just that!

Behind those flirty undertones, it reminds me of their 2017 song ‘Pied Piper’ from Love Yourself: Her, where BTS talk about knowing how charming they are and that it has got ARMY, potentially addicted to them as they croon to the chorus, “I’m taking over you.”

We then shift from the elevators to what seems like a basketball court where Jimin now takes the lead of the chorus, looking the absolute cutest with his unicorn hair, as we call it, much in contrast to the murderously handsome, swept-back visual, in the press conference scene, just prior.

Switching back to the elevators where the song goes into the dance break, the boys ease into and just eat up their solo choreographies, and dance like the rent is due (special shoutout to J-Hope because dance leader, yes sir!)

Following this, the rap-line take over opening with SUGA — the “n-nice guy”, smashing his verse whilst the rest of the members bop to it in the backdrop. I wish this got a little more screen time. We missed YOONGIIII!

Although the chorus is the most addictive part of the song, we all have to collectively agree Namjoon or RM, as most people know him, spitting facts and giving ARMY a huge shoutout in the lyrics with the rest of BTS literally spelling the word out with their bodies, having the prettiest smile on their faces, has to be the most iconic moments in our time together in the past 8 years *sobs*. I mean what did we do to stan a group that stans us back, equally hard ?! I love it here.

The song approaches its end as J-hope takes the ropes and delivers an amazing outro which is definitely a “no bummer” and instantly lights the song up, even more. BTS dance to it, with suits in varying shades of yellow and black as the scene goes back and forth from it to the member’s solo cuts, swoon-worthy pictures of which we were teased with, days before the single came out.

Finally, the song cuts with Jungkook taking over V’s job of covering the camera up, as we hear “Get it, let it, roooooll!” one final time, but wait, don’t go away yet because there’s a post-credit where Hope eats up an actual chunk of butter and that’s where it actually ends. I kid you not when I say never has anyone in the history of chugging down a chunk of butter, has looked this attractive while doing so (lol).

Pheww! That was something huh? Personally speaking, this song has lifted my mood more than anything has, since the beginning of the year. Leave it to BTS to make you smile and feel happy even in the darkest of times. Their charisma, otherworldly visuals, insane vocals, and magnificent sets all become the telltale ingredients for the concoction of what we can equivocally certify as the Song of the Summer, 2021.

With the records breaking and a predicted debut, atop the Billboard Hot 100 (UPDATE — we just celebrated 5 weeks at #1, back to back, yesterday), preceded by the World TV Premiere of the performance at the 2021 BBMAs, on Sunday/Monday, where they’re nominated for 4 awards too, potentially taking home Top Social Artist for the fifth time in a row (UPDATE — The performance ya’ll! And they also won all the four awards. yay!); it is probably the most wonderful time to be an ARMY.

From what I’ve heard from the veterans of the community, it has been probably the most peaceful comebacks in the last few years, without any fan-wars or anti-s spewing nonsense on Twitter. We’ve worked hard, streamed hard, and loved hard.

Some of this must also have to do with the fact that BTS and ARMY are practically untouchable at this point as they’ve recently been officially recognized as the “World’s Biggest Boyband” on the Rolling Stone Magazine’s, The Future of Music spread. It makes me feel super proud and happy to see the boys so relaxed, having fun this comeback and being more comfortable with themselves (210521 Jungkook in a t-shirt with his exposed sleeve tattoo, yay!) and literally being in love with ARMY. They’re actually glowing this come back which makes my heart so full, and as much as we miss them on the stage, they deserve the rest they got. We feel the love boys, and needless to say, it goes back to you too, every day.

In recent news, they just wrapped up their month-long 8th Anniversary Celebrations. Festa, which is free content for all the ARMY’s around the world which gave us a new song — Bicycle by RM, a mini-concert — BTS Room Live, and a whole 1-hour celebration party. This was followed by the annual concert Muster which, after being canceled last year due to the Pandemic, was held this year on 13th & 14th June via Weverse Live, called BTS Muster Sowozoo 2021, at the Jamsil Stadium, Seoul. This was a paid performance and had gathered over 1.33 million paid viewers from across 195 countries in two days. And now ARMY and BTS is gearing up for another summer song, coming out on ARMY’s Birthday — July 9, called Permission to Dance (in which BTS has teamed up with Ed Sheeran again after 2019’s Make It Right) and we cannot keep calm.

The take-home idea from all this is, if you haven’t realized yourself, that BTS is huge, their presence/impact is undeniable anymore and all the achievements, all the frenzy surrounding them is something they worked hard for alongside their fans, something they rightfully earned and they “show you, cause talk is cheap”. They’re often compared to and dubbed as the next Beatles but no, they’re no “next…” someone, they’re BTS and there’s going to be only one.

As for ARMY, it is literally the most powerful, the biggest, and the most loyal fandom ever and with BTS transcending language barriers whilst literally washing out Korean, Japanese, and American markets, we can see how many different people (just check out the number of different languages in the comments of their music videos) they bring together to form a culmination of just pure humans admiring impeccable artistry.

With my time being in the fandom , nearing a year, I can say that the one day I decided to Google BTS, was the best thing I’ve done in a long time and well, BTS paved the way ! Group hug fam, we did it !💜

Oh, btw, stream Butter for clear skin and that #1 on BB100 (Grammy’s we’re coming for you, watch out)

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