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I absolutely CANNOT get my shit together because have you heard this song? I’m literally screaming and crying because this is what a ‘perfect storm’ sounds like .This one is, just as, if not more, cathartic than the entire body of work that folklore and evermore is and I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. So let’s just get into it.

Earlier this week Big Red Machine, which is an Indie duo comprising The National’s Aaron Dessner - one of the masterminds of Taylor’s recent works, 2021 Grammy’s Album Of The Year -folklore and its sister album evermore…

Hello world, it’s me. You can call me D (boy, does that sound corny). It’s my first time here and I don’t really know much about blogging, although I’ve been always curious about it and am an avid blog-reader myself. This is basically an introduction for everyone who will/might be reading my work in future. So here is a self-asked, self-answered questionnaire (I promise I’m not self-obsessed. Its just to help you out.) Here goes:

Introduce yourself.

I’m 18 and a student (already excusing myself for the irregularity that is to follow), and from in India and maybe sometime in…

that one’s from me to you

Hey, people. Been super M.I.A lately (I promise my reasons were more genuine than being just lazy) but I come bearing gifts. I agree, this should’ve come earlier but I myself had nothing figured out in my life so I was in no place to advise others. For this blog, I’ve been on YouTube, watching vlogs after vlogs on end, and I’ve done my research behind the following and also implemented some, if not all, so they should work (you might need to make minor tweaks to suit yourself). So let’s get going :

1. Routines / To-Do Lists

Alright, many might not be a…

24 hours in and we’ve officially, legitimately outdone ourselves ! Yes, ARMY I’m talking about us and those 112.8 million views in 24hours, breaking Dynamite’s records for most single day views in YouTube history and has officially racked up the most opening day streams in Spotify history with 20.9 million unfiltered and 11.042 million filtered global streams. (the way my ARMY ego peaked as I wrote that sentence , ugh yes !)

Has something made you feel so good that you wanted to cry? No? Go watch the Butter music video .

The song opens with a very catchy sampling…


kind of a decent human being, an amateur blogger, ardent reader, and (hopefully will become) your best friend :)

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